Operation: Hollehammer
Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

release date: Jul. 2008
format: CDr
cat: SHD1944
play time: 79:25

unofficial release, unavailable

"Sickhead Productions proudly presents in association with THE BETADRONE INCIDENT and The Xh.O: Original Motion Picture Score "Fukken Uber Germania! - Operation: Hollehammer", performed by THE TOTENREICH ENSEMBLE."

"This recording is neither legitimate nor justified and deliberately violates international copyright law. Sickhead Productions is not supported by and will not support any political ideology."

Mock soundtrack for the yet unfilmed movie experience "Operation: Hollehammer", which finally sums up everything we learned from war movies, conspiracy theories, Wolfenstein and Nazi UFO's. It's a dark tour de force through industrial and dark ambient sounds, historical samples, teutonic insults and the mechanical cries of war.
Some ignorants would dare to call this a mix - we hope you don't. Just kidding. Again, members only, sorry.


  1. Ouverture - Opening Titles
  2. 943 A.D.
  3. 20th Century Catastrophe
  4. Weimar Dawn
  5. Defiled Church
  6. Memento Mori
  7. Buried In Ashes
  8. Mors Centa Hora Incerta
  9. Deutscher Herbst
  10. Flächenbrand
  11. Heirs Of The Storm
  12. Deceiver
  13. Dig Site
  14. Haunting Shadows Of A Dark Past
  15. SS Paranormal Division
  16. "We Found Him!"
  17. Heinrich I.
  18. Communiqué To Berlin
  19. Main Theme
  20. Briefing / Deploy
  21. Covert Mission
  22. Covert Mission # Tension Cue
  23. Eine Kleine Amerikaner
  24. Castle Hollehammer / Outskirts
  25. Report To OSA HQ
  26. Strange Activities In The Village
  27. Classified Nightmares
  28. Grosse
  29. Transmissions From The Dead
  30. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum
  31. Triumph Of The Will
  32. Mobilmachung
  33. Bride Of War
  34. Prelude To Destruction
  35. Kämpfen, Siegen oder Untergehen
  36. Europe In Flames
  37. Weltmacht oder Niedergang
  38. Fog
  39. U-471 / Arrival In Kugelstadt
  40. New Mission
  41. Loper Attack
  42. Operation Eisenfaust
  43. X-Technology
  44. Below The Surface / Unknown Territory
  45. Entering X-Labs
  46. Undead Creatures With A Vengeance
  47. "The Facility Has Been Breached!"
  48. Das Ubersoldat
  49. Fighting Deathshead's Deadly Toy
  50. Like An Army Of One
  51. Uberzauben In Château Shufstaffel
  52. Anointing Rite
  53. 1000 Jahre Untergang
  54. Shadows Of Wolfenstein
  55. The Return
  56. Outer Realms / Haunebu
  57. Mortyr Future
  58. End Credits