name: Xatras Xherberos, Erin Dh., Kyle Statham III.
location: /
field of research: industrial sound collages, white noise out of the past
website: Official

"omega calls" | main subjective: soundicide. Willkommen im Endreich.

Until the end of the 90ies, x909 was the sole path of X.X. While exploring the world wide web he went across the borders of time and space and eventually met the individuals he needed to fulfil his vision. Beta from [mmr] offered him to release his debut album "ofex" in 2003. In 2006, industrial veterans Erin Dh. and Kyle Statham from Illinois, US, joined the x909 deathmachine, and started to record the yet untitled successor of "ofex", which will be also released on [mmr].

"The Lost Tapes " (unreleased, 1995-1998)
"Pak Demo Series" (unreleased, 1999-2001)

"ofex" (mesc003, 2003)