name: Nick Aitchison
field of research: ambient mindscapes
website: MySpace

Psonikadia is the current musical expression from Nick Aitchison. Previous incarnations being Varja and Qb. Philosophically Psonikadia has developed out of the void, meaning the music is not pre-conceived. It appears from mind. And is then transferred to other minds hopefully bring a brief moment of happiness. Peace through sound. In experiencing peace, an aspiring wish takes seed…
From beatless journeys of textures to glitched breaks over filtered melodies, creating a space between.

Nick Aitchison lives in the beautiful city of Brighton & Hove on the South Coast of England. Originally from the Derbyshire Peak District, Nick trained in Manchester as a sound engineer at the prestigious School of Sound Recording home to 808 states Graham Massey. Nick then engineered for Spacehead both in the studio and live, touring extensively around England whilst still honing his talents as Varja, appearing in the ’98 In the City festival with Coldplay, Elbow and Muse.
Nick has been working on the Psonikadian project for the past couple of years developing the sound to the beauty it is today. Inspiration for the pieces comes from the peaceful coastal life in Brighton – the sea, the rolling green hills, the realization of living on an island and the sites and sound of the most special place.

"State Of Bliss EP" (EL08, 2006)
"Sacred Heart EP" (el-jlud, 2006)
"Purpleman EP" (pd015, 2006)
"Tranquility Abiding" (pd016, 2006)
"Fifth EP" (mesc017, 2007)