Martyr Droid

name: Matt Sick
field of research: dark ambient / industrial electronica
website: Official | Facebook | Soundcloud | MySpace

MARTYR DROID was born in 1999 and after experimental sound work it soon became a serious project with its creator’s entire heart put in. The works of MICK HARRIS (ex-NAPALM DEATH, SCORN, LULL, WEAKENER) can be counted as the main influence of MARTYR DROID’s music, but it never was and will never be the aim just to copy these works. The main objective is the creation of own individual sounds and gloomy atmospheres. Being a one-man-project, MARTYR DROID is the reflection about one’s dark thoughts in a musical way. The song titles are possible visualizations of scenes expressed by the music.
High tech and to keep abreast to the hype is not the question. Only the art counts for MARTYR DROID, no matter how simple or sophisticated a work may be. The only thing which is important is the feeling.

"Cosmic/Dust" (unreleased, 2000)
"Leaving The Old World Behind" (mesc007, 2004)
"The Journey" (mesc015, 2005)
"Mindlock" (mesc015lim, 2005)